Charlotte Haid Bondergaard

The Haid Bondergaard family live on incredible Kronekulla farm in Skåne where they run Norrehee Dressage Stable. The business includes dressage at an elite level, education, training and selling dressage horses. Charlotte has a long successful background in international dressage and is our boot queen with a gorgeous collection of different boots. In recent years, Rasmus has focused on being a trainer and has several students in addition to helping Charlotte and Mary in their ventures on a daily basis. Mary trains and competes to the fullest and just won an individual gold in the Nordic Championships last summer. Together the family have strong passion, dedication and success in the equestrian world. They really are an ambitious and positive family full of success!

We are very proud to have Charlotte, Mary and Rasmus as ambassadors as they not only show time and time again how good they are in dressage, but also for their incredible commitment. Together, they really show how hard work pays off and are role models for many in the equestrian world. The family has together a strong understanding of the importance of high-quality riding gear and equipment and have ridden in Amazona Sueca boots for several years. Their expertise and experience is a valuable source for our product development and we are very proud to have them in our team!



My everyday style in the stable is very simple. I like to wear practical clothes and dress according to the weather. As a rider, you sweat a lot, so it's important to have good boots and clothing to keep you warm on cold days and cool when it's hot. I love boots with sheepskin lining and use them all year around, in the summer I'm barefoot in them. 

When you ride 7 days a week all year round, you need to have many boots. I have a whole collection of different boots and I love colors like gray, brown and navy as well as a pop of color. Gray is my color so I especially like my newest Bia Dressage boots in gray croco gloss. I love all my boots and like them to vary in color and pattern, from suede leo boots to black glossy competition boots. You can never have too many boots!



I usually have a simple style in the stable. I like to have colors like brown, navy and black. But lately I'm starting to venture into more daring boots. My latest boots are a pair of Polo Dressage in sparkly black suede, the idea is to match my helmet and competition coat. My favorite boots are either my lightbrown Bia Dressage that I have used a lot or my black glossy Amazona Dressage for competitions. 



I would describe my style as very clean and I mostly stick to dark colors. It is important to me to look neat but it must also be functional. You must be able to both sweat and stay warm all day. I stick to a masculine color palette, mostly colors like dark brown, dark blue and black. My personal favorite are suede boots as they are very soft and comfortable. I can get up in the saddle and ride with my suede boots the same day as I get them home!




What does your everyday life look like?

I don't have fixed morning routines as my days differ a lot depending on what different things come up. I usually start in the stable around 9-10. I adjust my training according to how Rasmus is available.

How did your interest in horses begin?

I started riding Insjön when I was a child. There was children's riding every Saturday on a loop in the forest.


Charlotte Haid Bondergaard

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