Jeanna Högberg X AS

Jeanna Högberg is one of our fantastic ambassadors who is in the top 50 in the world ranking of dressage riders! Behind her, she has a successful international competition career with many placements. Most recently a silver medal in the 2022 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. Jeanna is based on a farm outside Enköping where she lives with her family. She also runs her own brand called By Jeanna where the focus is on stylish competition tops that can be used on all occasions.

Jeanna is a true role model and inspires riders off every level with her great horsemanship and success in the arena. With her experience we value her inputs and feedback on our products high. Her dedication, exceptional riding skills and love for horses make her an ideal ambassador for Amazona Sueca!



Jeanna is truly a true trendsetter and was at the forefront with Bia riding boots in light brown which have since been a big favorite with many of our customers. After many years in our boots, Jeanna has managed to come up with quite a few different designs, her latest addition is a lovely pair of Bia Dressage in brown gecco.


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