R E D  
  Röd Red  
  Röd croco Red croco  
  BordeauxRöd Bordeaux  
  Polerad bordeaux Polished bordeaux  
  Bordeaux crocolack Bordeaux croco gloss  
  Vinröd Wine  
  Oxblod Oxblood  
  Björnbär Blackberry  
  O R A N G E  
  Orange Orange  
  P I N K  
  Rosa Pink  
  Rosa croco Pink croco  
  Mörkrosa washed Washed pink  
  Mörkrosa lack Pink gloss  
  P U R P L E  
  Lila Purple  
  Lila croco Purple croco  
  B L U E  
  Navy Navy  
  Navy mocka Navy suede  
  Navy croco Navy croco  
  Polerad navy Polished navy  
  Navy lack Navy gloss  
  Navy crocolack Navy croco gloss  
  Mörk navy Dark navy blue  
  Titan navy Titanic Navy  
  Blå Royal blue  
  Blå crocolack Royal blue croco gloss  
  Petrolblå mocka Petrol blue suede  
  Petrolblå Petrol blue  
  G R E E N  
  Grön Green  
  Grön mocka Green suede  
  B R O W N S     &   T A N S  
  Beige Beige  
  Senapsgul Mustard  
  Ljusbrun Light brown  
  Ljusbrun mocka Sand suede  
  Ljusbrun struts Tan faux ostrich  
  Mellanbrun Medium brown  
  Mellanbrun mocka Tobacco suede  
  Mellabrun präglad Medium brown embossed  
  Brun Brown  
  Brun iguana Tan faux iguana   
  Brun präglad Brown embossed  
  Nötbrun Nut brown  
  Nötbrun croco Nut brown croco
  Polerad cognac Polished cognac brown  
  Kastanjebrunt Chestnut brown  
  Polerad mörkbrun Polished brown  
  Chokladbrun Chocolate brown  
  Chokladbrun croco Chocolate brown croco
  Kaffebrun mocka Dark brown suede  
  Vaxad brun Waxed brown  
  Brun lack Brown gloss  
  Brun crocolack Brown croco gloss  
  Brun krokodil Brown faux croco  
  Mörkbrun struts Dark brown faux ostrich  
  Mörkbrun präglad Dark brown embossed  
  B L A C K  
  Svart Black  
  Svart halvmatt Mid-sheen black  
  Svart box skinn Black box  
  Polerad svart Polished black  
  Vaxad svart Waxed black  
  Svart mocka Black suede  
  Präglad svart Black embossed  
  Svart struts Black ostrich  
  Svart iguana Black iguana  
  Svart croco Black croco  
  Svart crocolack Black croco gloss  
  Svart kobralack Black cobra gloss  
  Svart lack Black gloss  
  Svart glitter Black glitter  
  Svart bling Black big bling  
  G R E Y  
  Ljusgrå Light grey  
  Ljusgrå mocka Light grey suede  
  Grå Grey  
  Grå mocka Grey suede  
  Grå croco Grey croco  
  Grå crocolack Grey croco gloss  
  Mörkgrå Dark grey  
  P R I N T S   & P A T T E R N S  
  Leopard mocka Leopard suede  
  Kamouflage mocka Camouflage suede  
  Flower power Flower power  
  Svart-rosa kobra Black pink cobra  
  Jelly beans Jelly beans  
  Silverkobra Silver cobra  
  Svart bling Black big bling  
  Svart glitter Black glitter  
  Stingray Stingray mix  
  F U R R Y   P R I N T S  
  Ko päls Cow fur  
  Zebra päls Zebra fur  
  Rosa leopard päls Pink leopard fur  
  Vit giraff päls White giraffe fur  
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