Yay! How exciting and fun with new riding boots! I look forward to helping you with the fitting and how to design them.

Here are some preparations to make before we meet:

There is a lot to think about when ordering new riding boots and it can be good to evaluate the boots you have had in the past and summarize your current boot situation. 

What have you liked about boots you've had and what haven't you liked?

Do you want reinforced or soft boots?

How many sessions per week do you ride?

Are you a rider who only uses the boots when riding or do you want to be able to walk around and caring for your horse with them on too? 

Should they be classic or a bit more fancy in the design?

Do you like to clean boots or do you want a more practical material?

Do you need one pair now or maybe several pairs? Mostly of our customers go for a few while ordering, both since it is hard to only choose one design plus that the lead time is long. Do you need Training boots, Winter boots or Competition boots?

Are you a dressage rider or show jumper? Start by viewing and comparing all our boot models.

Do you want a single color design or do you want to combine several colors? Read our material guide or check out all our colors. You can also choose from different toe patterns and top styles.

Get plenty of inspiration from other customers' designs, feel free to take some screenshots of the designs you like and we'll go through them together.

What matching accessories do you want? Choose from different bags, spur straps, spur guards, belts, leg guards for your horse and add an extra personal touch with engraved name tags.

The perfect boot collection consists of 4 different pairs of boots, and most of our customers order several pairs at the same time and the happy news is that we are still running our Buy 1 get 1 half price promotion! 

Wear riding breeches and socks or bring them with you when we meet and please bring a pair of old riding boots. If you don't have the opportunity to bring them, it would be great if you could measure their height as a reference and bring the measurement with you to our meeting. Measure at the leather at the back without the heel.

Have you booked a virtual fitting?
Great, then you also need to take measurements at home before we meet, follow our measurement guide and you'll see exactly how to do it, then we'll go through all the measurements together and make sure it fits your body well. You will also receive a separate meeting invitation from Zoom.

I look forward to guiding you through the boot jungle - please come back if any questions arise, you can also Chat with us via the icon at the bottom right of the page!

Warm Regards,

PS. Haven't booked an appointment yet? Hurry up to do it then :)

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